Hidden life in villages of towering Himalayan peaks - Saryu and Pindar


At Saryu and Pindar valleys, you are so close to the great Himalayan peaks that your dream vision of being a touch distance from their towering peaks and alpine-like pastures will come true.

Saryu and Pindar fall in the Kumaon hills and are about 480km from Delhi. They are at a few miles distance from Nepal. 

Savour majestic panoramas, magnificent walks and experience hill-side villages; listen to the chatter of women in the fields and the tinkle of bells from the goat herds. 

Experience village guesthouses renovated from ancient buildings and enjoy a night under the stars in a tented camp in the high hills. It is a picture perfect place with extraordinary balcony views of the immense high peaks of Indian Himalayas, vistas you will remember forever.



• Deep in the heart of the Kumaon hills, just a few miles from the borders with Tibet and Nepal, lays Saryu where charming, self-contained communities spread along the valley.

• Neighbouring the Saryu Valley and even closer to the Himalaya, is the astounding Pindar Valley, whose river draws its water from the great Pindari Glacier. 

• Cook the famous kumoani cuisine, known for its high-protein rich black soybean with a memorable kumoani flavor.

• Stay in guesthouses created from beautiful traditional terraced 'berklays' and enjoy a night under the stars at the splendid tented camp on the splendid meadows over a mountain ridge with breathtaking views of the high Himalayan peaks.

• Walking in Saryu and Pinder can involve some long and steep gradients, and remember you are at altitude, but the terrain is good and the views are incredibly rewarding. You will be privately guided throughout your stay in the hills.

• Try your hand at ringal basket weaving in Khal Jhuni, discover the faming traditions in Supi; sample the local honey in Karmi and wake up to magnificent views at Dhurr.


Each itinerary is a fair mix of activity and relaxation; you can tailor your holiday to your exact requirements. 

Day 1: Reach for an overnight stay at Khali Estate, Binsar. 

Saryu is about 480kms from Delhi. You can either drive to Saryu and Pindar or take a train to Kathgodam which is 170kms from Saryu. We also help with the travel arrangements, if needed.

Day 2: Either Drive to Saryu or opt for a private transfer from Binsar to Saryu. It is approximately a 5 hour journey. Walk from the road and head to your first village. Relax and dine, meet your guide to discuss the days ahead. Stay for a night in the guesthouse.

After this there are could be many possible itineraries. Below are two of them: 

1. 3N/4D tour: Spend three nights at village guesthouses in Saryu and Pindar Valleys. You have an option to add an extra night in the tented camp- an unforgettable experience under the stars.

2. 7N/8D tour: You walk each day from village to village, in the company of your guide. Stay in all five of the villages- Supi, Khal Jhuni and Jhuni in Saryu; Dhurr and Karmi in Pindar- with two nights spent in two villages. Spend a night in the tented camp at Jaikuni, perched on the ridge separating the two valleys. Enjoy fine walking and spectacular mountain views, get to know the communities and discover local crafts and village traditions.

This trip can also be combined with a 3 to 7 days trip to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and its villages. Besides, you can tailor any tour as per your requirements. Please contact us for more details. 


  • Natural Pure Water :)
  • Packed lunch on days of outdoor tours
  • Home cooked Vegetarian meals twice a day. Vegetables are organic and grown on local farms
  • Transfers and rail journeys (Optional)
  • Your own guide through the hills
  • Accomodation

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